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These days a homeowner, living without an air conditioning system in Phoenix AZ, just seems unimaginable. To make sure you never have to live without a correctly working unit for a long period of time, Heydorn AC & Heating Inc will send its professionals to your property, promptly. They will ensure that everything is functioning normally so that you don’t have to experience an uncomfortable atmosphere. We have been attending to residential and commercial clients needs in the area since 1982. During this time, we’ve managed to build a solid reputation for being the most professional air conditioning contractor in the Phoenix AZ area. Our professionals will be happy to get your air conditioning repair service completed in a timely and efficient manner.

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air conditioning contractor checking the outdoor unitWhen we arrive at the site, we will check the air filters of your air conditioning system. According to the wise repair proverb, our technicians will start with the less expensive repairs, and then gradually continue with the rest. Checking the air fans is certainly the most inexpensive part. Many property owners neglect the air filters, allowing them to get too dirty over time. It can lead to damage to the motor and the air fans of your HVAC. If the air filters are clogged, the hot air is unable to exit your home. This fast regular service will prevent your property from retaining hot air inside. We strive to provide the highest quality services so if you need professional AC installation service, look no further than us!

It could be costly to repair your old AC system and the results may not last as long as you wish. A new air conditioner can drastically decrease energy consumption and can increase the air quality in your home. Turn to a professional AC installation service provider to do the job right so you can save money in future for repair caused by improper installation. Heydorn AC & Heating Inc is a licensed air conditioning contractor in Phoenix AZ that offers high quality service at the most affordable rates!


HVAC technician checking the systemWhile anyone can check the level of freon in an air conditioner, only a licensed professional can add it. If we find out that neither air filters nor the freon level are causing the problem, the next stage is to check the system motor. As mentioned above, a heavily clogged filter could lead to accumulation of debris that can result in motor malfunctioning. Additional heat from the clogged air flow may also cause damage to the motor of your unit. If wires burn out, then the motor will fail as well, meaning you’ll need to get a new air conditioning system installed.

Our team can offer you top quality air conditioning repair services

Air Conditioning contractors in a repair projectOnly a professional air conditioning service provider like Heydorn AC & Heating Inc can fix the air conditioning problems you have in your Phoenix AZ home. It takes a well trained expert to diagnose the exact cause of any problem. So, don’t waste anymore time trying to repair the system on your own. Sooner or later, you will discover that your methods aren’t exactly working but destroying your unit. The longer you wait to get your air conditioner repaired, the greater the chance of making the issue worse. Choose our air conditioning services and see why so many people trust us.

You can also choose our company if you have some plumbing problems. From  AC installation to HVAC repair service , we offer you everything you need.

We, at Heydorn AC & Heating Inc, will be more than happy to inspect your HVAC system and fix the issues. What you need to do is just contact us first. You can do it either by calling at (602) 242-4091 or by visiting our office in Phoenix AZ.

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